I’ve always had a pretty active lifestyle, working within the health industry I’m a huge advocate in promoting the importance and benefits of exercise. Unable to participate in my structured sport last year. I started to develop aches and pains particularly in my knees.  Annabel’s online Pilates sessions were a saviour, it enabled me to adhere to a structured program under expert supervision. The sessions were easy to follow, challenging, had a lot of variety, were technique based and Annabel was able to easily adapt to individual abilities/niggles. It’s clear that Annabel has the passion and knowledge to help individuals build a stronger body for the prevention of injuries and more efficient movement patterns. Personally I never really completed Pilates outside my structured sport/gym. Being a beginner; I thoroughly enjoyed every session and even the muscle soreness the next day. I definitely plan to resume the classes now they're back!

Annabel really cares about her clients. She always takes the time to personalise my sessions according to my goals, what my body needs, and how I am feeling on the day. Annabel’s innovative and client-centred approach makes every class enjoyable!


Ebony, Aerobic Gymnastics National Team

Nicole, Exercise Physiologist and Club AFL player




Group Pilates Classes are for everyone! All you need is is your mat, computer and an internet connection to participate. Aimed at beginners through to experienced Pilates goers, we focus on flexibility, strength and balance.

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Pilates @home is a written program allowing you to complete the program from anywhere at anytime. Minimal equipment and space is required to complete the programs, which include photos and videos to help you out! Add this to your weekly exercise regime to improve your movement patterns and increase your mobility.

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Aerobic Gymnastics Clinical Pilates Classes are aimed at athletes of any age and ability who participate in Aerobic Gymnastics. Conducted either in Zoom or face-to-face, the classes are individualised to each participant in a small group setting.


Programs are developed to suit your specific needs and goals and aim to improve specific movement patterns to reduce risk of injury.

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